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Buyer Beware

Being in the industry for 25 years, you see a lot of companies that are non-compliant with FDA regulations. Here’s a little overview on how you can shop smarter and beware of the scams. For claims made on the front of the supplement label to be compliant and substantiated, a consumer should be able to turn the product around to the supplement panel on the back and see that the front label claims match up to the back supplement panel.

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Could you be undernourished?

If you are a fitness fanatic or competitor, you may assume that you are adequately nourished because you practice clean eating. However, that might not necessarily be the case. Shockingly, many people who are in the fitness world suffer from under-nutrition as a result of consuming limited types and amounts of foods in an effort to reach a super lean state.

Think about it: if you are limiting caloric intake during a contest prep phase, have eliminated foods which become demonized during prep such as fruits and peanut butter, and aren’t supplementing your body with the nutrients it needs, then you are probably undernourished. Such nutrient deficits can have a serious negative impact on your health if practiced for an extended period of time.

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