How Does Strength Training Affect Your Heart?

Most of us have been pushed towards mainly aerobic exercise such as walking, bicycling or swimming for weight loss or heart health it’s been this way for years. This is still a great way to increase overall heart health and to lose some weight, but adding strength training is beneficial. In the gym it is extremely popular to hop on a treadmill, or bike because it’s the first piece of equipment you see or understand how to operate. Below I will explain the benefits to adding strength training to your exercise routine.

Everyone can benefit from strength training. It is extremely beneficial as we grow in age because muscle mass naturally diminishes with age, and strength training helps prevent the muscle loss and will rebuild what may have been diminished. A regular strength training program will increases muscle strength and endurance, it improves heart and lung function, enhances glucose metabolism, reduces coronary disease risk factors, and boosts overall well-being. When our muscles are stronger, there is less demand placed on the heart. This allows the lungs to process more oxygen with less effort, the heart to pump more blood with less beats, and the blood supply directed to fuel your muscles.

This doesn’t mean getting on that bike or treadmill or jumping in the pool is not the right thing, but everyone can benefit from an added strength training program to benefit them. So if your nervous or don’t understand the strength training programs. I encourage you to talk to the personal training staff at your facility and they will lead you in the right direction to living a happier healthier lifestyle.